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The Airbow is a revolutionary hybrid which combines the carving turns and trick capabilities of dual line kites with the precise handling and total control of quad line flying. The unique 3D shape is symmetrical both left-to-right and top-to-bottom, giving the kite equal stability in powered flight in all directions and unprecedented recoverability from slack line trick and freestyle flying.
Delivery time roughly three weeks from order £190
Dedicated Airbow handles also available Switchgrips £24

This is the kite to own in 2004
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Otherkites also available!

The New DVD from Aeolian has landed in store now for just £20
Possibly the most informative dual and quad line flying DVD ever made, this is a definite must have for all sport, trick and rev fliers out there. It also has a unique look into the fantastic Benson Airbow!

Has arrived with its all aeroplane grade aluminium construction and dual side rail system make this an unbeatable buggy from the beginner to expert buggier
Including free splash guard and side rail padding

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